Top 20 Composer celebrities in Egypt

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Composer celebrities [Updated March 28, 2023].

1. Hani Shaker

Hani Shaker net worth 2020
Hani Shaker was born on December 21, 1952 in Cairo, Egypt.
He became known for his love songs.

Net Worth 2020: $50 Million

2. Aziz El-Shawan

Aziz El-Shawan net worth 2020
Aziz El-Shawan was born on May 6, 1916 in Egypt.
He had a number of pupils, including Jordanian composer Haytham Sukareya.

3. Sayed Darwish

Sayed Darwish net worth 2020
Sayed Darwish was born on March 17, 1892 in Alexandria, Egypt.
He put words to the Egyptian national anthem, "Bilady, Bilady, Bilady," taken from a speech by Mustafa Kamil.

4. Halim El-Dabh

Halim El-Dabh net worth 2020
Halim El-Dabh was born on March 4, 1921 in El-Sakakini, Egypt.
He recorded his first electronic tape music for "The Expression of Zaar," an electroacoustic musique concrète piece. He developed the concept at the Colombia-Princeton Electronic Music Center during the late 1950s and early 1960s.

5. Gamal Abdel-Rahim

Gamal Abdel-Rahim net worth 2020
Gamal Abdel-Rahim was born on January 17, 1924 in Egypt.
He taught a number of notable students, including Ahmed El-Saedi, Rageh Daoud, and Mona Ghoneim.

6. Baligh Hamdi

Baligh Hamdi net worth 2020
Baligh Hamdi was born on October 7, 1932 in Shubra, Egypt.
He composed songs for prominent Egyptian artists like Oum Kalthoum, Abdel Halim Hafez, and Shadia

7. Attia Sharara

Attia Sharara net worth 2020
Attia Sharara was born on November 18, 1922 in Egypt.
He composed one operetta, "The Crystal Ball," during his career.

8. Amr Mostafa

Amr Mostafa net worth 2020
Amr Mostafa was born on December 31, 1979 in Cairo, Egypt.
He has won several awards for his composing and his music including the award for Best Composer at the Mobinil Music Awards in 2006. 

9. Mohamed Fawzi

Mohamed Fawzi net worth 2020
Mohamed Fawzi was born on August 15, 1918 in Egypt.
He opened up the studio Masrphone where legendary Egyptian singer Umm Kalthoun recorded.

10. Mohamed Abdelwahab Abdelfattah

Mohamed Abdelwahab Abdelfattah net worth 2020
Mohamed Abdelwahab Abdelfattah was born on August 9, 1962 in Egypt.
He premiered his movement, Nine Miniatures for String Quartet, on December 2, 1999, in Rome.

11. Mohammed Abdel Wahab

Mohammed Abdel Wahab net worth 2020
Mohammed Abdel Wahab was born on March 13, 1902 in Egypt.
An actor and singer as well as a composer, he played the main role in the enormously popular 1934 movie The White Flower.

12. Nasr Mahrous

Nasr Mahrous net worth 2020
Nasr Mahrous was born on January 7, 1969 in Egypt.
He started a series of compilations called Free Mix in the late 1990s, releasing singles for a number of artists.

13. Rageh Daoud

Rageh Daoud net worth 2020
Rageh Daoud was born on November 23, 1954 in Egypt.
He composed music for nearly 50 films, including "The Vagabonds" from 1985, "The Search for Sayed" from 1990, and "Kit Kat" from 1991.

14. Rifaat Garrana

Rifaat Garrana net worth 2020
Rifaat Garrana was born on January 29, 1924 in Egypt.
He worked as director of the music division of Egyptian television.

15. Sheikh Imam

Sheikh Imam net worth 2020
Sheikh Imam was born on July 2, 1918 in Giza, Egypt.
He formed a duo with colloquial poet Ahmed Fouad Negm, and the two composed a number of songs that were banned by Egyptian radio and TV stations in spite of their popularity among the grassroots population.

16. Soliman Gamil

Soliman Gamil net worth 2020
Soliman Gamil was born on December 24, 1924 in Egypt.
He was hired by the Al-Ahram newspaper to write about music.

17. Tarek Madkour

Tarek Madkour net worth 2020
Tarek Madkour was born on May 22, 1967 in Cairo, Egypt.
He recorded tracks for prominent Egyptian musicians like Amr Diab, Nawal Al Zoghbi, and Mohamed Mounir.

18. Youssef Elsisi

Youssef Elsisi net worth 2020
Youssef Elsisi was born on March 19, 1935 in Egypt.
He received the Egyptian State's Decoration of Arts in 1989 for promoting Egyptian national music at home and abroad.

19. Yusef Greiss

Yusef Greiss net worth 2020
Yusef Greiss was born on December 13, 1899 in Egypt.
He was also known for his orchestral works and chamber music.

20. Kamel al-Khola'ie

Kamel al-Khola'ie was born on March 14, 1881 in Egypt.
He was well known for recomposing a number of popular international musicals such as "Tayes" and "Carmen," most of which were performed by the Mounira El Mahdeya troupe.