Top 20 Composer celebrities in Bulgaria

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Composer celebrities [Updated March 29, 2023].

1. Petko Staynov

Petko Staynov net worth 2020
Petko Staynov was born on December 1, 1896 in Bulgaria.
He held many offices, including the Regular Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

2. Stefan Valdobrev

Stefan Valdobrev net worth 2020
Stefan Valdobrev was born on May 20, 1970 in Bulgaria.
He starred in many feature films and won a Golden Rose in 2004 for his role in Burning Out.

3. Pancho Vladigerov

Pancho Vladigerov net worth 2020
Pancho Vladigerov was born on March 13, 1899 in Bulgaria.
His most acclaimed and performed composition was "Vardar Rhapsody" or "Bulgarian Rhapsody," which was first written for violin and piano.

4. Georgi Minchev

Georgi Minchev net worth 2020
Georgi Minchev was born on January 29, 1939 in Bulgaria.

Music production editor for Bulgarian National Radio. He was one of the most decorated composers from Bulgaria. He wrote a stage ballet in the 1990s based on "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury.

He was the recipient of the International Record Critics Award for his Piano Concerto.

5. Anna-Maria Ravnopolska-Dean

Anna-Maria Ravnopolska-Dean net worth 2020
Anna-Maria Ravnopolska-Dean was born on August 3, 1960 in Bulgaria.
Her debut in the United States was at Carnegie Hall in 1992.

6. Dobri Hristov

Dobri Hristov net worth 2020
Dobri Hristov was born on December 14, 1875 in Bulgaria.
He led The Seven Saints, a Sofia-based church ensemble and choir, from 1911 until 1928.

7. Alexandra Fol

Alexandra Fol was born on July 11, 1981 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
She was a Gaudeamus International Composers Award finalist in 2006 and a 2007 Tanglewood Music Center composition fellow.

8. Petar Krumov

Petar Krumov was born on August 6, 1934 in Bulgaria.

9. Milcho Leviev

Milcho Leviev was born on December 19, 1937 in Bulgaria.
He was hired to teach Jazz Composition at the University of Southern California.