Top 20 Composer celebrities in Austria

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Composer celebrities [Updated March 27, 2023].

1. Joseph Haydn

Joseph Haydn net worth 2020
Joseph Haydn was born on March 31, 1732 in Rohrau, Austria.
His popular works included "The Creation," "The Seasons," Baryton trios, and numerous concertos, masses, operas, piano trios, and solo piano compositions, as well as string quartets and symphonies.

2. Johann Strauss II

Johann Strauss II net worth 2020
Johann Strauss II was born on October 25, 1825 in Vienna, Austria.
He succumbed to the intense mental and physical demands of his career and suffered a nervous breakdown in 1853.

3. Bela Bartok

Bela Bartok net worth 2020
Bela Bartok was born on March 25, 1881 in Austria.

Influential composer who is remembered for his contributions to folk music and for his piece 'Sonata for Two Pianos.' He developed ethnomusicology and wrote the ballet 'The Miraculous Mandarin,' which had a profound impact on Igor Stravinsky.

He tried to stage his lone opera, "Bluebeard's Castle" from 1911, several times, but it was never very popular.

4. Arnold Schoenberg

Arnold Schoenberg net worth 2020
Arnold Schoenberg was born on September 13, 1874 in Austria.
He pioneered the twelve-tone technique and coined the term developing variation. Furthermore, he pioneered the development of motifs without first establishing a centralized melodic idea.

5. Anton Webern

Anton Webern net worth 2020
Anton Webern was born on December 3, 1883 in Vienna, Austria.
He was killed by an American soldier during the Allied Powers' World War II-era occupation of Austria.

6. Alban Berg

Alban Berg net worth 2020
Alban Berg was born on February 9, 1885 in Austria.

Austrian composer who was a member of the Second Viennese School alongside Arnold Schoenberg and Anton Webern. His works fused Schoenberg's twelve-tone technique with Mahlerian Romanticism.

He served in the Austro-Hungarian Army during World War I.

7. Michael Haydn

Michael Haydn net worth 2020
Michael Haydn was born on September 14, 1737 in Austria.

Austrian classical composer who wrote many influential choral works. He was the younger brother of Joseph Haydn.

8. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart net worth 2020
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27, 1756 in Salzburg, Austria.
His pieces became known for their sophistication and sensual violence.

9. Franz Schubert

Franz Schubert net worth 2020
Franz Schubert was born on January 31, 1797 in Vienna, Austria.
His output was largely unappreciated while he was alive, but his liturgical music, operas, incidental music, chamber and solo piano music, as well as his 10 symphonies, primarily the "Unfinished Symphony," are now regarded as some of history's greatest works.

10. Ignaz Pleyel

Ignaz Pleyel net worth 2020
Ignaz Pleyel was born on June 18, 1757 in Austria.
He saved his life during France's Reign of Terror by composing music celebrating the new republic.

11. Hanns Eisler

Hanns Eisler net worth 2020
Hanns Eisler was born on July 6, 1898 in Austria.

Author of the German Democratic Republic's national anthem. He and Bertolt Brecht were close friends and frequent collaborators. He lived, performed, and taught in East Berlin during the Cold War.

He was one of the first artists to be placed on the Hollywood blacklist by film studio bosses and was called 'the Karl Marx of music' by HUAC.

12. Ernst Toch

Ernst Toch net worth 2020
Ernst Toch was born on December 7, 1887 in Austria.
He scored films after Hitler's rise to power forced him into exile in Paris and later London.

13. Anton Diabelli

Anton Diabelli net worth 2020
Anton Diabelli was born on September 5, 1781 in Mattsee, Austria.
His musical compositions include Adam in der Klemme, an operetta, and Pleasures of Youth: Six Sonatinas.

14. Peter Stadlen

Peter Stadlen net worth 2020
Peter Stadlen was born on July 14, 1910 in Austria.

15. Udo Jurgens

Udo Jurgens net worth 2020
Udo Jurgens was born on September 30, 1934 in Klagenfurt, Austria.
His 1979 album Udo '80 was a big hit during the disco era.

16. Gerhard Bronner

Gerhard Bronner net worth 2020
Gerhard Bronner was born on October 23, 1922 in Austria.

17. Franz Joseph Haydn

Franz Joseph Haydn net worth 2020
Franz Joseph Haydn was born on March 31, 1732 in Austria.
One of the most prolific composers, his output consisted of over 108 symphonies, 68 string quartets, 32 divertimenti, 176 trios ranging from barytons, violas, cellos, pianos, and violins, 47 piano sonatas, 20 operas, and 14 masses. 

18. Max Steiner

Max Steiner was born on May 10, 1888 in Austria.

One of cinema's greatest composers. He wrote the scores for 'King Kong' from 1933 and 'Gone with the Wind' from 1939. He was part of a select group of composers that included Alfred Newman and Erich Wolfgang Korngold who pioneered the art of film scores.

His film compositions were nominated for Academy Awards 24 times, and he won three: for 1935's "The Informer," 1942's "Now, Voyager," and "Since You Went Away" from 1944.

19. Henry Krips

Henry Krips was born on February 10, 1912 in Austria.
He was the first conductor to introduce the works of Gustav Mahler to Australia.

20. Ernest Gold

Ernest Gold was born on July 13, 1921 in Austria.
He was nominated for an Academy Award four times and a Golden Globe three times. He won a Grammy Award and a Golden Globe for 1959's "On the Beach" and an Oscar for "Exodus" from 1960.