Top 20 Composer celebrities in Australia

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Composer celebrities [Updated May 30, 2023].

1. Percy Grainger

Percy Grainger net worth 2020
Percy Grainger was born on July 8, 1882 in Australia.
He was stricken with poor health following World War II, thus cramping his output and giving him notions that he had failed at his career.

2. Barrington Pheloung

Barrington Pheloung net worth 2020
Barrington Pheloung was born on May 10, 1954 in  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Australia.

3. Blair Joscelyne

Blair Joscelyne net worth 2020
Blair Joscelyne was born on September 5, 1978 in Australia.
His albums Kei To The City and Chasing Midnight both landed at #1 in Australia and made it into the top 10 in charts worldwide. He has hosted the online car modification show Mighty Car Mods, which has been Australia's number one online DIY automotive show.

4. Mick Gordon

Mick Gordon net worth 2020
Mick Gordon was born on July 9, 1985 in Australia.
He won both a SXSW Gaming Award and a D.I.C.E. Award in 2017 for Doom.

5. Francois Tetaz

Francois Tetaz was born on December 22, 1970 in Australia.

6. Alfred Hill

Alfred Hill was born on December 16, 1869 in Australia.
He became the President of the Composers' Society of Australia in 1947.

7. Nigel Westlake

Nigel Westlake was born on September 6, 1958 in Australia.
He won the APRA-AMC Classical Music Award for Best Performance of an Australian Composition for Rare Sugar in 2008.

8. Ron Grainer

Ron Grainer was born on August 11, 1922 in Australia.
He composed the music for "The Prisoner," the cult-classic 1967 British television miniseries.

9. Carl Vine

Carl Vine was born on October 8, 1954 in Australia.
He was once awarded the highly prestigious Don Banks Music Award, which was the highest honor an individual could receive from the Australia Council for the Arts.

10. Brett Dean

Brett Dean was born on October 23, 1961 in Australia.
Several of his compositions, including Water Music, Devotions, and Vexations, address such contemporary themes as environmental awareness and the effects of information technology upon society.

11. Albert Arlen

Albert Arlen was born on January 10, 1905 in Australia.

Known for his musical 'The Sentimental Bloke,' which was set to the poetry of C.J. Dennis, and the 'Alamein Concerto.' He also wrote the setting for 'Clancy of the Overflow' by Banjo Paterson.

His follow-up musicals to "The Sentimental Bloke," "The Girl from the Snowy" and "Marriages Are Made in Heaven," did not experience the same commercial and critical success.