Top 20 Chess Player celebrities in Germany

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Chess Player celebrities [Updated June 10, 2023].

1. Wilfried Paulsen

Wilfried Paulsen net worth 2020
Wilfried Paulsen was born on July 31, 1828 in Germany.
His brother is Louis Paulsen, a player whose unique strategies are still used by many players today.

2. Wilhelm Schönmann

Wilhelm Schönmann net worth 2020
Wilhelm Schönmann was born on April 7, 1889 in Germany.
After World War II he competed mostly in correspondence matches.

3. Wolfgang Heidenfeld

Wolfgang Heidenfeld net worth 2020
Wolfgang Heidenfeld was born on May 29, 1911 in Germany.
He represented South Africa in the Chess Olympiad in 1958.

4. Wolfgang Uhlmann

Wolfgang Uhlmann net worth 2020
Wolfgang Uhlmann was born on March 29, 1935 in Germany.
He was considered to be the most highly skilled expert of the French Defense chess strategy.

5. Wolfgang Unzicker

Wolfgang Unzicker net worth 2020
Wolfgang Unzicker was born on June 26, 1925 in Germany.
He chose not to become a professional chess player because of his passion for law.

6. Yair Kraidman

Yair Kraidman net worth 2020
Yair Kraidman was born on November 1, 1932 in Germany.
He achieved the title of Grandmaster in 1976.

7. Walther Vonholzhausen

Walther Vonholzhausen net worth 2020
Walther Vonholzhausen was born on May 29, 1876 in Germany.
He published two books on chess, in 1926 and 1928, that are still used in study today.

8. Sonja Graf

Sonja Graf net worth 2020
Sonja Graf was born on December 16, 1908 in Germany.
After her move to the United States, she became a two time United States Women's Chess Champion (in 1957 and 1964).

9. Robert Hubner

Robert Hubner net worth 2020
Robert Hubner was born on November 6, 1948 in Germany.
His International Master title was awarded in 1969 and his Grandmaster title in 1971.

10. Natalia Zhukova

Natalia Zhukova net worth 2020
Natalia Zhukova was born on June 5, 1979 in Germany.
She became the Ukrainian Women's Champion at the young age of 16.

11. Lothar Schmid

Lothar Schmid net worth 2020
Lothar Schmid was born on May 10, 1928 in Germany.

Chess Grandmaster and arbiter best known for arbitrating the famous encounter between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky.

He was a highly successful correspondence chess player and at one point it was reputed that he owned the largest known private chess library in the world.

12. Adolf Anderssen

Adolf Anderssen net worth 2020
Adolf Anderssen was born on July 6, 1818 in Germany.
He is known best for his trademark sacrificial offensive moves including the ones he took in the 1851 "Immortal Game" against Lionel Kieseritzky.

13. Louis Paulsen

Louis Paulsen net worth 2020
Louis Paulsen was born on January 15, 1833 in Germany.
He is known for creating many chess strategies that are still in use today such as the Sicilian Dragon, the Sicilian Paulsen variation, French Defense Paulsen Attack and Vienna Game Paulsen variation.

14. Hans Berliner

Hans Berliner was born on January 27, 1929 in Germany.
He won the Correspondence Chess Championship from 1965 to 1968.

15. Johann Baptist Allgaier

Johann Baptist Allgaier was born on June 19, 1763 in Germany.
He was a chess teacher to the wealthy and noble circles of Europe.

16. Teodor Regedziński

Teodor Regedziński was born on April 28, 1894 in Germany.
He often played under the name Theodore Reger.