Top 20 Chess Player celebrities in England

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Chess Player celebrities [Updated December 7, 2022].

1. Nigel Short

Nigel Short net worth 2020
Nigel Short was born on June 1, 1965 in England.
His peak rating of 2712 is among the best ratings in the world.

2. Michael Adams

Michael Adams net worth 2020
Michael Adams was born on November 17, 1971 in England.
He is widely considered to be one of the top British chess players of all time.

3. Gawain Jones

Gawain Jones net worth 2020
Gawain Jones was born on December 11, 1987 in England.
He was the British Chess Champion in 2012 and his first book, Starting Out: The Grand Prix Attack, was published in 2008.

4. David Howell

David Howell net worth 2020
David Howell was born on November 14, 1990 in England.
His chess coach was Grandmaster Glenn Flear and he won the English Chess Federation's Player of the Year Award in 2007 after beaming a Grandmaster himself.

5. Frederick Yates

Frederick Yates net worth 2020
Frederick Yates was born on January 16, 1884 in England.
While most of his matches were within Britain, he did partake in several international matches and he played at the first, third and fourth Olympiads, representing the 'British Empire' team.

6. Stuart Conquest

Stuart Conquest net worth 2020
Stuart Conquest was born on March 1, 1967 in England.
In 1995 and 2000 he shared first place at the Hastings Premier and he is one of the chief organizers of the Gibraltar Tournament.

7. William Winter

William Winter net worth 2020
William Winter was born on September 11, 1898 in England.
He won the British Chess Championship two straight years in a row in 1935 and 1936.

8. William Napier

William Napier net worth 2020
William Napier was born on January 17, 1881 in England.
His highest historic Elo rating was 2662, which would have put him at number 11 in the world.

9. Simon Webb

Simon Webb net worth 2020
Simon Webb was born on June 10, 1949 in England.
Tragically, he was impulsively murdered by his troubled son, Dennis, following an argument.

10. Michael Basman

Michael Basman net worth 2020
Michael Basman was born on March 16, 1946 in England.
He is the creator of the U.K. Chess Challenge tournament for young chess players.

11. Mary Rudge

Mary Rudge net worth 2020
Mary Rudge was born on February 6, 1842 in England.
She was the first female member of the Bristol Chess Club and she was the first winner of the Women’s International Chess Congress.

12. Luke McShane

Luke McShane net worth 2020
Luke McShane was born on January 7, 1984 in England.
He was active in the stock market when he wasn't playing chess and he is a strong blitz chess player, winning the 136-player Kuppenheim tournament in 2003

13. Jon Speelman

Jon Speelman net worth 2020
Jon Speelman was born on October 2, 1956 in England.
He won the British Chess Championship in 1978, 85 and 86 and is known for his imaginative style and for often choosing unobvious ways to carry on his games.

14. John Nunn

John Nunn net worth 2020
John Nunn was born on April 25, 1955 in England.
He won the British championship in 1979 and he has twice won individual gold medals at Chess Olympiads.

15. Joseph Blackburne

Joseph Blackburne net worth 2020
Joseph Blackburne was born on December 10, 1841 in England.
His nickname was "Black Death" because of his shear dominance and he was known for drinking Scotch whisky during exhibition games.

16. Tony Miles

Tony Miles net worth 2020
Tony Miles was born on April 23, 1955 in England.
He won the British Championship only once, in 1982.

17. William Wayte

William Wayte was born on September 4, 1829 in England.
His historic Elo rating of 2571 was considered to be astronomical by 19th Century standards.

18. William Hartston

William Hartston was born on August 12, 1947 in England.
He is a two time British Chess Champion.

19. William Fairhurst

William Fairhurst was born on August 21, 1903 in England.
He is almost single-handedly responsible for the popularity of chess in Scotland.

20. Stuart Milner-Barry

Stuart Milner-Barry was born on September 20, 1906 in England.
He competed for Britain in multiple Chess Olympiads including the one in 1939, which coincided with Britain's declaration of war on Germany and led to him abandoning the tournament because of it.