Top 20 Chemist celebrities in Germany

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Chemist celebrities [Updated November 29, 2022].

1. Robert Huber

Robert Huber net worth 2020
Robert Huber was born on February 20, 1937 in Germany.
He was co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry.

2. Kurt Alder

Kurt Alder net worth 2020
Kurt Alder was born on July 10, 1902 in Germany.
He worked tirelessly on the investigations of the synthesis of organic compounds.

3. Karl Ziegler

Karl Ziegler net worth 2020
Karl Ziegler was born on November 26, 1898 in Helsa, Germany.
He was a co-founder and president of the German Chemical Society, which was started after World War II.

4. Justus Von Liebig

Justus Von Liebig net worth 2020
Justus Von Liebig was born on May 12, 1803 in Darmstadt, Germany.
In 1946, the University of Giessen was officially renamed Justus Liebig University Giessen in his honor.

5. Joachim Heinrich Seelig

Joachim Heinrich Seelig net worth 2020
Joachim Heinrich Seelig was born on March 29, 1942 in Cologne, Germany.
He created methods to study the thermodynamic properties of cell membrains and the interactions of lipids and proteins in nuclear magnetic resonance.

6. Hermann Emil Fischer

Hermann Emil Fischer net worth 2020
Hermann Emil Fischer was born on October 9, 1852 in Germany.
He helped discover barbiturates, a sedative drug, and was one of the first people to synthesize caffeine.

7. Hans Fischer

Hans Fischer net worth 2020
Hans Fischer was born on July 21, 1881 in Germany.
The lunar crater, "Fischer", was named in his honor during 1976.

8. Fritz Haber

Fritz Haber net worth 2020
Fritz Haber was born on December 9, 1868 in Germany.
The food production for half the world's current population depends on his method for producing fertilizer from synthesized ammonia, which he developed.

9. Eduard Buchner

Eduard Buchner net worth 2020
Eduard Buchner was born on May 20, 1860 in Germany.
He won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1907 for proving that living yeast cells were not needed for sugar fermentation.

10. Carl Bosch

Carl Bosch net worth 2020
Carl Bosch was born on August 27, 1874 in Germany.
He eventually lost his job for being a critic of Nazi policies, became an alcoholic, and died not long after.

11. August Kekule

August Kekule net worth 2020
August Kekule was born on September 7, 1820 in Germany.
His idea of assigning certain atoms to certain positions within the molecule, and connecting them through valences, or bonds, would shape the future of medicine and invention forever.

12. Martin Heinrich Klaproth

Martin Heinrich Klaproth net worth 2020
Martin Heinrich Klaproth was born on December 1, 1743 in Wernigerode, Germany.
He was a chemistry lecturer at the Prussian Royal Artillery. There is a crater on the moon named after him.

13. Otto Hahn

Otto Hahn net worth 2020
Otto Hahn was born on March 8, 1879 in Frankfurt, Germany.
He was awarded the Gold Medal of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences by Pope John XXIII in 1961.

14. Otto Wallach

Otto Wallach net worth 2020
Otto Wallach was born on March 27, 1847 in Germany.
He is responsible for naming Terpene: a large and diverse class of organic compounds, produced by a variety of plants.

15. Walther Nernst

Walther Nernst net worth 2020
Walther Nernst was born on June 25, 1864 in Germany.
He developed the Nernst Equation, which relates the equilibrium reduction potential of a half-cell in an electrochemical cell to the standard electrode potential.

16. Wilhelm Ostwald

Wilhelm Ostwald net worth 2020
Wilhelm Ostwald was born on September 2, 1853 in Germany.
He became a member of the International Committee on Atomic Weights in 1906 and served on the committee until World War I erupted.

17. Victor Gustav Bloede

Victor Gustav Bloede net worth 2020
Victor Gustav Bloede was born on March 14, 1849 in Germany.
He invented the adhesive on stamps and envelopes.

18. Peter Adolf Thiessen

Peter Adolf Thiessen net worth 2020
Peter Adolf Thiessen was born on April 6, 1899 in Germany.
He became the director of East Berlin's Institute of Physical Chemistry in 1956.

19. Julius Lothar Meyer

Julius Lothar Meyer net worth 2020
Julius Lothar Meyer was born on August 19, 1830 in Germany.

German chemist who was known for competing with Dmitri Mendeleev to draw up the first periodic table of chemical elements.

He was the first Professor of Chemistry at the University of Tubingen in 1876.

20. Richard Willstatter

Richard Willstatter net worth 2020
Richard Willstatter was born on August 13, 1872 in Germany.
He developed a filtration system that helped the German army absorb their enemy's poisonous gasses during World War I.