Top 20 Chef celebrities in Chile

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Chef celebrities [Updated March 26, 2023].

1. Max Cabezón

Max Cabezón net worth 2020
Max Cabezón was born on March 9, 1990 in Chile.
He is known for being a pizza connoisseur, sharing some of Chile's best pizza on his self-titled blog as well as his popular Instagram account. 

2. Virginia Demaria

Virginia Demaria net worth 2020
Virginia Demaria was born on October 31, 1980 in Santiago, Chile.
She has authored several of her own cookbooks, including Moments, By Hand, Plan V and Weaving is my Superpower.

3. Tomas Leiva

Tomas Leiva net worth 2020
Tomas Leiva was born on November 8, 1984 in Santiago, Chile.
He's also worked as the executive chef of Restaurant Vina Indomita.

4. Rodolfo Guzmán

Rodolfo Guzmán net worth 2020
Rodolfo Guzmán was born on December 27, 1978 in Chile.
He worked in Chemical Engineering and Bioprocesses at the Catholic University of Chile.

5. Chris Carpentier

Chris Carpentier net worth 2020
Chris Carpentier was born on August 23, 1973 in Chile.
He has won several awards for his cooking including the 2010 Chef of the Bicentennial of Chile and first place at the Chef of Chefs competition by the Chilean Association of Gastronomy in 2001. 

6. Carlo von Mühlenbrock

Carlo von Mühlenbrock net worth 2020
Carlo von Mühlenbrock was born on October 16, 1971 in Chile.
He released his own line of Marmicoc pots. 

7. Dani Castro

Dani Castro was born on April 5, 1988 in Chile.
She is also an ambassador for several brands including The Hippie Project, Caro Criado, and Kotex Chile which she promotes through her Instagram. 

8. Josefa Antonia Barraza Díaz

Josefa Antonia Barraza Díaz was born on July 7, 1994 in Chile.
She created a second Instagram page just for recipes.