Top 20 Business celebrities in France

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Business celebrities [Updated June 9, 2023].

1. Stephen Girard

Stephen Girard net worth 2020
Stephen Girard was born on May 20, 1750 in France.
He purchased the majority of the stock of the First Bank of the United States in 1811 and subsequently established his own bank, which became the saving grace of the U.S. Government during the War of 1812.

Net Worth 2020: $105 Billion

2. Francois-Henri Pinault

Francois-Henri Pinault net worth 2020
Francois-Henri Pinault was born on May 28, 1962 in Rennes, France.
In 2015 he was the recipient of the Anti-Defamation League's International Leadership Award. 

Net Worth 2020: $7 Billion

3. Antoine Arnault

Antoine Arnault net worth 2020
Antoine Arnault was born on June 4, 1977 in France.
He made the Young Global Leader Honorees list in 2009.

Net Worth 2020: $500 Million

4. Marine Lloris

Marine Lloris net worth 2020
Marine Lloris was born on August 7, 1986 in France.

Business owner and celebrity family member who launched a successful line of children's clothing known as Manège en Sucre. She married professional soccer player Hugo Lloris.  

Her clothing line was featured in Vogue UK in late 2017.

5. Pierre-Yves Gerbeau

Pierre-Yves Gerbeau net worth 2020
Pierre-Yves Gerbeau was born on October 16, 1965 in France.
He was suspended from the French Olympic Organization for supporting London's bid for the 2012 Olympic Games.

6. Cedric Annicette

Cedric Annicette net worth 2020
Cedric Annicette was born on July 28, 1982 in France.
He became a millionaire at 33 years old.

7. Alexander Kraft

Alexander Kraft net worth 2020
Alexander Kraft was born on July 3, 1974 in France.
He speaks German, French, and English fluently.

8. Ibrahim Hamad

Ibrahim Hamad was born on February 25, 1983 in Paris, France.

Music business executive and talent manager who is recognized for having represented rapper J. Cole. He also served as the president of the Dreamville record label.

In 2014, he signed a distribution deal with Interscope Records.

9. Alec Wildenstein

Alec Wildenstein was born on August 5, 1940 in France.
He bred and owned a number of winning racehorses including Westerner which won the European Champion Stayer in 2004 and 2005.