Top 20 Boxer celebrities in Armenia

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Boxer celebrities [Updated June 2, 2023].

1. Arthur Abraham

Arthur Abraham net worth 2020
Arthur Abraham was born on February 20, 1980 in Armenia.
He made 10 successful defenses of his IBF title, which became the 4th most in IBF history.

2. Susi Kentikian

Susi Kentikian net worth 2020
Susi Kentikian was born on September 11, 1987 in Yerevan, Armenia.
She announced she was a patron of Lebensbaum für Armenien in 2010. The organization plants trees and creates jobs in Armenia. 

3. Vanes Martirosyan

Vanes Martirosyan net worth 2020
Vanes Martirosyan was born on May 1, 1986 in Armenia.
He earned the nicknamed "Nightmare" after beating many of the nation's top-ranked fighters during the Olympic trials.

4. Vic Darchinyan

Vic Darchinyan net worth 2020
Vic Darchinyan was born on January 7, 1976 in Armenia.
He became the first Armenian to hold a world title after defeating defending IBF Flyweight Champion Irene Pacheco in 2004.

5. Gevorg Petrosyan

Gevorg Petrosyan was born on December 10, 1985 in Yerevan, Armenia.
He is known for winning several awards for his fighting including 2011 kickboxer of the Year at as well as being crowned a W5 World Champion in the 71 kg category.