Top 20 Botanist celebrities in United States

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Botanist celebrities [Updated August 11, 2022].

1. George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver net worth 2020
George Washington Carver was born on July 12, 1864 in Diamond, United States.
He met with three American president - Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge and Franklin Roosevelt - which was very rare for an African-American man at the time.

2. Douglas Houghton Campbell

Douglas Houghton Campbell net worth 2020
Douglas Houghton Campbell was born on December 19, 1859 in Detroit, United States.
His best known works were textbooks that were in widespread use for decades after publication, completed when he was the head of the Botany department at the newly-formed Stanford University.

3. Lester Frank Ward

Lester Frank Ward net worth 2020
Lester Frank Ward was born on June 18, 1841 in United States.
He was named Paleontologist for the USGS from 1892 until 1906.

4. Jorge Cervantes

Jorge Cervantes net worth 2020
Jorge Cervantes was born on October 10, 1953 in United States.
He rose to worldwide acclaim for his first book Indoor Marijuana Horticulture, which was published in 1983. He received High Times' lifetime achievement award in 2013. 

5. John Bartram

John Bartram net worth 2020
John Bartram was born on March 23, 1699 in United States.
He was elected to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences as a foreign member in 1769.

6. Ed Rosenthal

Ed Rosenthal net worth 2020
Ed Rosenthal was born on December 2, 1944 in United States.
He attended Youngstown State University and was arrested for growing marijuana in 2002. He has over 120,000 followers on his edrosenthal420 Instagram account. 

7. David Fairchild

David Fairchild net worth 2020
David Fairchild was born on April 7, 1869 in United States.
Altogether he brought some 200,000 plants to the U.S., including new varieties of cotton and wheat.

8. Chester Dewey

Chester Dewey net worth 2020
Chester Dewey was born on October 25, 1784 in United States.
He was an expert on the genus Carex, the largest genus of flowering plants.

9. Asa Gray

Asa Gray net worth 2020
Asa Gray was born on November 18, 1810 in United States.
The highest award of the American Society of Plant Taxonomists is named after him, The Asa Gray Award, established in 1984.

10. Luther Burbank

Luther Burbank net worth 2020
Luther Burbank was born on March 7, 1849 in United States.
He bred, among other things, the plumcot and the russet potatoes used today.

11. Harriet Creighton

Harriet Creighton was born on June 27, 1909 in United States.
She taught at Cornell University and Connecticut College.

12. Bonnie Templeton

Bonnie Templeton was born on October 23, 1906 in United States.
While she was collecting plants in the El Segundo sand dunes she discovered a rare parasitic plant that she named Pholisma paniculatum.

13. Ralph Randles Stewart

Ralph Randles Stewart was born on April 15, 1890 in United States.
At the age of 91 he wrote a sort the memoir, Flora of Pakistan: History and Exploration of Plants in Pakistan and Adjoining Areas.

14. Emma Lucy Braun

Emma Lucy Braun was born on April 19, 1889 in United States.
She broke down many gender barriers of her time, becoming the first woman to serve as the President of the Ecological Society of America.

15. Joseph Young Bergen

Joseph Young Bergen was born on February 22, 1851 in United States.
He was selected to be a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1915.

16. Matt Ritter

Matt Ritter was born on September 7, 1974 in United States.
He was the 2011 recipient of the International Society of Arboriculture's R. W. Harris Excellence in Education Award.