Top 20 Bodybuilder celebrities in Venezuela

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Bodybuilder celebrities [Updated August 11, 2022].

1. Cindy De Abreu

Cindy De Abreu net worth 2020
Cindy De Abreu was born on April 21, 1993 in Venezuela.
She was featured on the cover of UB Magazine in August of 2017. 

2. Alfred Herrera

Alfred Herrera net worth 2020
Alfred Herrera was born on April 7, 1993 in Venezuela.
He had a large tattoo of angel wings on his back. 

3. Elvimar Sanchez

Elvimar Sanchez net worth 2020
Elvimar Sanchez was born on February 26, 1980 in Caracas, Venezuela.
She came in 16th in Europa SuperShow - Dallas in 2013. She has over 80,000 followers on her Instagram account.

4. Stefanie Cohen

Stefanie Cohen was born on March 28, 1992 in Caracas, Venezuela.
Her heaviest lift was a 501-pound deadlift at a bodyweight of 121 pounds and a height of 5 feet tall. 

5. Jorge Villaveces

Jorge Villaveces was born on September 6, 1985 in Venezuela.
He is the creator of the activewear brand Sport Hard Fitness.

6. Manuel Romero

Manuel Romero was born on January 20, 1982 in Caracas, Venezuela.
He has earned a variety of sponsorships from different fitness and health related companies including Mutant Nation, MQ Parts, Egg Whites International, and GASP. 

7. Gretta Vitta

Gretta Vitta was born on February 11, 1977 in Venezuela.
She has been a contributing writer for magazines like Sunset Drive and Hispanic in America.

8. Josefina Monasterio

Josefina Monasterio was born on April 16, 1946 in Venezuela.
She wrote about her fitness journey in the autobiography Vibrant at Any Age (2016).