Top 20 Bodybuilder celebrities in Brazil

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Bodybuilder celebrities [Updated June 10, 2023].

1. Larissa Reis

Larissa Reis net worth 2020
Larissa Reis was born on May 21, 1979 in Brasilia, Brazil.
She opened up her own restaurant Protein House, which has been featured on Food Network's Mystery Diners.

2. Fernando Maradona

Fernando Maradona net worth 2020
Fernando Maradona was born on February 8, 1977 in Brazil.
He specialized in global postural reeducation. 

3. Vivianne Pasmanter

Vivianne Pasmanter net worth 2020
Vivianne Pasmanter was born on November 12, 1998 in Brazil.
She has competed in the Arnold Classic competition in Ohio. 

4. Tabata Couri

Tabata Couri net worth 2020
Tabata Couri was born on January 1, 1987 in Brazil.

5. Rafael Recalcatti Filho

Rafael Recalcatti Filho net worth 2020
Rafael Recalcatti Filho was born on January 5, 2002 in Brazil.
He became a brand ambassador for Farma Forma nutritional supplements.

6. Rafael Brandao

Rafael Brandao net worth 2020
Rafael Brandao was born on June 24, 1993 in Brazil.
He is known for having earned sponsorship and representation from several fitness related companies including Darkness Nation, Integral Medica, and GSN Supplements. 

7. Patrick Cassab

Patrick Cassab net worth 2020
Patrick Cassab was born on March 28, 1990 in Brazil.
He has worked as an ambassador for Constafluma. 

8. Natalia Abraham Coelho

Natalia Abraham Coelho net worth 2020
Natalia Abraham Coelho was born on April 30, 1996 in Brazil.
She was named first place in Women's Physique at the 2017 IFBB Ultimate Warriors.

9. Muri Rodrigues

Muri Rodrigues net worth 2020
Muri Rodrigues was born on June 3, 1986 in Brazil.

10. Marcus Araujo

Marcus Araujo net worth 2020
Marcus Araujo was born on November 15, 1991 in Brazil.

11. Marcello De Angelis

Marcello De Angelis net worth 2020
Marcello De Angelis was born on September 15, 1994 in Brazil.
He is an ambassador for Oficial Farmer and a member of Darkness Nation. 

12. Leyvina Barros

Leyvina Barros net worth 2020
Leyvina Barros was born on October 14, 1996 in Brazil.
In April 2018 she was named super athletic and overall champion of the Mercosur Championship. 

13. Hallyson Flavio

Hallyson Flavio net worth 2020
Hallyson Flavio was born on September 16, 1992 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
He has won several championships and events as a pro bodybuilder including the Campeao Brasileiro in 2017, multiple IFBB Unlimited Lab overall Championships, and multiple Campeao IFBB Pros. 

14. Gêder Rocha

Gêder Rocha net worth 2020
Gêder Rocha was born on August 30, 1990 in Brazil.
He is known for having won the Overall Arnold Classic in Ohio in 2017. 

15. Filippe Abreu

Filippe Abreu net worth 2020
Filippe Abreu was born on December 23, 1987 in Brazil.
He became a popular social media figure, earning more than 40,000 followers for his filippe_12 Instagram account. He has also earned 30,000 subscribers on YouTube with fitness and everyday life vlogs.

16. Diogo Montenegro

Diogo Montenegro net worth 2020
Diogo Montenegro was born on January 28, 1991 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
He became the founder and CEO of the fitness group TEAMMONT.

17. Diana Monteiro

Diana Monteiro net worth 2020
Diana Monteiro was born on February 4, 1988 in Brazil.
She was the Tetra World Fitness Champion in 2004, 2005, 2010 and 2011. She came in 2nd at the World Games in Taiwan in 2009.

18. Cleyci Cardoso

Cleyci Cardoso net worth 2020
Cleyci Cardoso was born on July 14, 1990 in Brazil.
In 2017 she was elected the muse for Nutrex Research, on a one-year contract. 

19. Caio Eiji Sirahata

Caio Eiji Sirahata net worth 2020
Caio Eiji Sirahata was born on October 26, 1995 in Brazil.
He trains at Bella Forma Academy in São Paulo.  

20. Anita Pravatti

Anita Pravatti net worth 2020
Anita Pravatti was born on February 11, 1986 in Brazil.
She shares a variety of fitness related content through her Instagram as well where she has amassed over 50,000 followers.