Top 20 Blogger celebrities in Colombia

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Blogger celebrities [Updated January 28, 2023].

1. Karin Jimenez

Karin Jimenez net worth 2020
Karin Jimenez was born on April 18, 1991 in Colombia.
She was spotted in the Miami Design District in 2016.

2. Christine Andrew

Christine Andrew net worth 2020
Christine Andrew was born on January 31, 1986 in Bogota, Colombia.
She launched a clothing line in 2011 called ILY Couture.

3. Carolina Hellal

Carolina Hellal net worth 2020
Carolina Hellal was born on January 14, 1987 in Cucuta, Colombia.
She has accumulated over 80,000 Instagram followers and growing due to her fashion sense.

4. Mara Plata

Mara Plata net worth 2020
Mara Plata was born on September 30, 1996 in Colombia.
In addition to her Instagram and blog, she also runs an online web store which features a variety of the clothing that she models for sale. 

5. Celin Giraldo

Celin Giraldo net worth 2020
Celin Giraldo was born on December 31, 1990 in Colombia.
She also shares Information about parenting on her website. 

6. Sebastián Gómez

Sebastián Gómez net worth 2020
Sebastián Gómez was born on February 1, 1992 in Colombia.

Lifestyle blogger best known as one half of the husband and wife duo TwoTrends, whose blog of the same name chronicles their lives as a couple as well as their tastes in fashion. The couple's shared Instagram account currently boasts more than 500,000 fans. 

Sebastián Gómez has worked as an architect. 

7. Vanessa Vanessa Rosales

Vanessa Vanessa Rosales net worth 2020
Vanessa Vanessa Rosales was born on August 22, 1984 in Cartagena, Colombia.
She has worked as the Fashion Editor at Cromos and became a writer for Vogue Latin America.

8. Sofia Estrada Turbay

Sofia Estrada Turbay was born on November 12, 1996 in Bogota, Colombia.
She can be seen traveling to a variety of different locations on her Instagram including Tulum Beach, Miami, New York, and Medellin. 

9. Felipe Villegas Múnera

Felipe Villegas Múnera was born on August 10, 1989 in Colombia.
He launched a YouTube channel on March 23, 2017, with a video titled "Vagamundeando in Tasmania".