Top 20 Blogger celebrities in Belgium

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Blogger celebrities [Updated February 6, 2023].

1. Annabel Pesant

Annabel Pesant net worth 2020
Annabel Pesant was born on April 27, 1988 in Ghent, Belgium.
She has a self-titled YouTube channel where she has posted short videos from parties she has attended. 

2. Ambre Friedmann

Ambre Friedmann net worth 2020
Ambre Friedmann was born on November 11, 1990 in Belgium.
She has grown in popularity on Instagram as well with 40,000 followers and counting.

3. Pauline Grossen

Pauline Grossen net worth 2020
Pauline Grossen was born on August 25, 1996 in Bruges, Belgium.
She's also worked as a model and actress appearing in the Belgian films Gilles and The Misfortunates. 

4. Nathalie Van den Berg

Nathalie Van den Berg net worth 2020
Nathalie Van den Berg was born on December 4, 1990 in Belgium.
She has 180,000 total followers on Instagram.

5. Astrid Lia

Astrid Lia net worth 2020
Astrid Lia was born on June 19, 1994 in Mechelen, Belgium.
She is known for having earned sponsorship from several different beauty and lifestyle companies such as Hairdis, Bourjois, and Historic Hotels Belgium. 

6. Gudrun

Gudrun was born on August 3, 1991 in Belgium.
Her blog extends to Instagram, where she's amassed over 30,000 Instagram followers and growing.

7. Yentl Keuppens

Yentl Keuppens was born on March 24, 1992 in Leuven, Belgium.
She launched her own clothing line called Little Fortune in 2016.

8. Elke Sockeel

Elke Sockeel was born on July 9, 1987 in Belgium.
She has worked as a presenter for TV station Fashion|One. She has amassed more than 50,000 Instagram followers. 

9. Nelson De Coninck

Nelson De Coninck was born on February 13, 1998 in Ghent, Belgium.
He runs three Instagram accounts - his personal page, the official Nelplant page, and an account called MiraLeCat, for his pet cat Mira. 

10. Sofie Valkiers

Sofie Valkiers was born on July 17, 1984 in Belgium.
She is the author of the style guide Little Black Book.