Top 20 Baseball Player celebrities in Connecticut

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Baseball Player celebrities [Updated March 27, 2023].

1. Carl Pavano

Carl Pavano net worth 2020
Carl Pavano was born on January 8, 1976 in Connecticut.
He was a World Series Champion in 2003 with the Florida Marlins and was selected to his first All-Star game in 2004.

Net Worth 2020: $35 Million

2. AJ Pollock

AJ Pollock net worth 2020
AJ Pollock was born on December 5, 1987 in Connecticut.
He pinch hit for All-Star Justin Upton to collect his first big league hit in April 2012.

Salary 2020: 3.5 million USD (2016)

3. Craig Breslow

Craig Breslow net worth 2020
Craig Breslow was born on August 8, 1980 in Connecticut.
Due to his intelligence, his degree from Yale, and both of his parents being teachers, he was nicknamed "the smartest man in baseball."

Salary 2020: 1.5 million USD (2016)

4. Mike Olt

Mike Olt net worth 2020
Mike Olt was born on August 27, 1988 in Connecticut.
He played college baseball for the Connecticut Huskies.

5. Walter Dropo

Walter Dropo net worth 2020
Walter Dropo was born on January 30, 1923 in Connecticut.
He joined a Red Sox team with Ted WilliamsDom DiMaggioBobby Doerr, and Vern Stephens, making a name for himself by becoming the AL Rookie of the Year.

6. Steve Blass

Steve Blass net worth 2020
Steve Blass was born on April 18, 1942 in Connecticut.
The inexplicable onset of poor command was termed "Steve Blass Disease" and also happened to pitchers such as Rick Ankiel and Mark Wohlers.

7. Roger Connor

Roger Connor net worth 2020
Roger Connor was born on July 1, 1857 in Connecticut.

Baseball's first renowned home run king and the long-ball predecessor to Babe Ruth.

He wasn't just a home run hitter. He also stole 244 bases during his career.

8. Darren Bragg

Darren Bragg net worth 2020
Darren Bragg was born on September 7, 1969 in Connecticut.
Following his retirement, he founded the company The Hit Club, where he teaches hitting to Little League and high school players.

9. Ron Wotus

Ron Wotus net worth 2020
Ron Wotus was born on March 3, 1961 in Connecticut.
He was named Pacific Coast League Manager of the Year in 1997.

10. Tommy Corcoran

Tommy Corcoran net worth 2020
Tommy Corcoran was born on January 4, 1869 in Connecticut.
He set a record with 14 assists in a nine-inning game.

11. Charles Nagy

Charles Nagy was born on May 5, 1967 in Connecticut.
After retiring he joined the Arizona Diamondbacks as a pitching coach.