Top 20 Automotive celebrities in Germany

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Automotive celebrities [Updated November 26, 2022].

1. Susanne Klatten

Susanne Klatten net worth 2020
Susanne Klatten was born on April 28, 1962 in Bad Homburg, Germany, Germany.

Net Worth 2020: $19 Billion

Net Worth details: Today Susanne Klatten owns a 21 percent stake in the world's second largest luxury auto maker, BMW. She owns those shares equally with her brother Stefan Quandt. Klatten also owns 27 percent of SGL Carbon and 23 percent of Nordex, a wind turbine developer. She inherited half of chemical company Altana and acquired the remaining shares from 2008 to 2010. Klatten owns 2.8 million shares of software designer Gemalto and 40 percent of passport and credit card manufacturer Entrust Datacard. She purchased the Winx office tower in Frankfurt which is estimated to cost 350 million euros to construct.

2. Stefan Quandt

Stefan Quandt net worth 2020
Stefan Quandt was born on May 9, 1966 in Frankfurt, Germany, Germany.

Net Worth 2020: $16 Billion

3. Johanna Quandt

Johanna Quandt net worth 2020
Johanna Quandt was born on June 21, 1926 in Germany.

Net Worth 2020: $12.8 Billion

4. Peter Unger

Peter Unger net worth 2020
Peter Unger was born on April 25, 1942 in Neustadt an der Waldnaab, Germany, Germany.

Net Worth 2020: $1.4 Billion

5. Christine Volkmann

Christine Volkmann net worth 2020
Christine Volkmann was born on November 7, 1960 in Germany.

6. Georg Schaeffler

Georg Schaeffler net worth 2020
Georg Schaeffler was born on October 19, 1964 in Herzogenaurach, Germany, Germany.

Net Worth 2020: 10.2 billion USD (2020)

7. Julia Stoschek

Julia Stoschek net worth 2020
Julia Stoschek was born on June 10, 1975 in Germany.

8. Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler

Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler net worth 2020
Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler was born on August 17, 1941 in Herzogenaurach, Germany, Germany.

Net Worth 2020: 2.6 billion USD (2020)

9. Michael Stoschek & family

Michael Stoschek & family net worth 2020
Michael Stoschek & family was born on December 11, 1947 in Germany.

Net Worth 2020: US$2.4 billion (November 2015)