Top 20 Artist celebrities in Venezuela

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Artist celebrities [Updated August 11, 2022].

1. Funky Matas

Funky Matas net worth 2020
Funky Matas was born on September 2, 1987 in Caracas, Venezuela.
A skilled drummer, he briefly studied at L.A. school Musician's Institute before being kicked out. He also made an appearance in The Red Hot Chili Peppers music video "Tell Me Baby."

2. Miguel Ameliach

Miguel Ameliach net worth 2020
Miguel Ameliach was born on February 19, 1989 in Caracas, Venezuela.
He is known for having earned sponsorship and representation from Ink Jecta, Hustle Butter Deluxe, and Magic Moon Tattoo Supply and shares their products through his Instagram. 

3. Maria Angelica Fassrainer

Maria Angelica Fassrainer net worth 2020
Maria Angelica Fassrainer was born on February 25, 1990 in Caracas, Venezuela.
Her maryandpalettes Instagram also acts as her portfolio and boasts to more than 180,000 followers.

4. Carlos Cruz-diez

Carlos Cruz-diez net worth 2020
Carlos Cruz-diez was born on August 17, 1923 in Venezuela.
He was appointed for life as the president and member of the superior council of the "Museo de la Estampa y del Diseño Carlos Cruz-Diez" Foundation in Caracas in 1997.

5. Andres Acosta

Andres Acosta net worth 2020
Andres Acosta was born on February 13, 1985 in Venezuela.
After working in a number of Texas tattoo shops, he opened his own private studio north of Austin, Texas. 

6. Pedro Acosta

Pedro Acosta net worth 2020
Pedro Acosta was born on April 28, 1977 in Venezuela.
He is known for having earned sponsorship from several companies including Intenze Tattoo Ink and FK Irons. 

7. Carlos Aguilar

Carlos Aguilar net worth 2020
Carlos Aguilar was born on November 2, 1974 in Venezuela.
He has a makeup and photography for cosmeticians training academy under his own name in Venezuela. He also owns an image consultancy, styling, makeup and fashion design company with specialty in brides in Venezuela. 

8. Marilyn Rondón

Marilyn Rondón was born on January 11, 1987 in Valencia, Venezuela.
She is known for being the publisher of Dat Ass Zine and for curating her own show "I've been planning while you're playing" at Art Basel in Miami. 

9. Cristina Pilo

Cristina Pilo was born on August 30, 1984 in Venezuela.
She cohosts the podcast The Primate Creators. 

10. Antonio Diaz

Antonio Diaz was born on June 12, 1980 in Caracas, Venezuela.
Although his success and international renown has come from kata, he first started competing in kumite, a much more combat-based form of competition.