Top 20 Artist celebrities in Israel

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Artist celebrities [Updated June 2, 2023].

1. Moshik Tako

Moshik Tako net worth 2020
Moshik Tako was born on January 27, 1987 in Israel.
His work has been featured on the cover of several magazines including Laish Mag, AT Magazine, and Menta Magazine. 

2. Maya Devir

Maya Devir net worth 2020
Maya Devir was born on June 24, 1989 in Israel.
Her and her husband's comics have been featured in places such as Huffington Post and on TEDx.

3. Chelsea Dayan

Chelsea Dayan net worth 2020
Chelsea Dayan was born on July 11, 1996 in Israel.
In addition to Instagram, she also runs a Youtube channel where she posts more in depth makeup tutorials as well as other vlogging content. 

4. Uriel Yekutiel

Uriel Yekutiel net worth 2020
Uriel Yekutiel was born on September 2, 1988 in Israel.
His well-known trademark is his mustache.

5. Ami James

Ami James net worth 2020
Ami James was born on April 6, 1972 in Israel.
He helped design the RAZR V3 mobile phones for Motorola.

6. Miki Buganim

Miki Buganim net worth 2020
Miki Buganim was born on September 30, 1973 in Ramla, Israel.
He started a makeup school, the Miki Buganim Makeup Art School that certifies its students to work internationally within six months. 

7. Tal Peleg

Tal Peleg net worth 2020
Tal Peleg was born on August 21, 1985 in Israel.
Her artwork can be seen on Instagram where she has accumulated more than 240,000 followers.