Top 20 Artist celebrities in Brazil

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Artist celebrities [Updated January 30, 2023].

1. Royce Gracie

Royce Gracie net worth 2020
Royce Gracie was born on December 12, 1966 in Brazil.
He won 3 of the first 4 UFC tournaments and became known for besting opponents that were much larger than himself.

Net Worth 2020: $5 Million

2. Renzo Gracie

Renzo Gracie net worth 2020
Renzo Gracie was born on March 11, 1967 in Brazil.
He has fought in the Ultimate Fighting Champion, Pride Fighting Championships, K-1, RINGS, and International Fight League.

Net Worth 2020: $3 Million

3. Rickson Gracie

Rickson Gracie net worth 2020
Rickson Gracie was born on November 21, 1958 in Brazil.
He had an 11-0 MMA record from 1980 to 2000.

4. Bernardo Faria

Bernardo Faria net worth 2020
Bernardo Faria was born on January 29, 1987 in Juiz de Fora, Brazil.
He won his third jiu-jitsu European Championship in 2013 as a 100kg competitor. He won the Brazilian National Championship in 2010 in the absolute tier. 

5. Kyra Gracie

Kyra Gracie net worth 2020
Kyra Gracie was born on May 29, 1985 in Brazil.
She trained in judo, wrestling, boxing, and mixed martial arts.

6. Helio Gracie

Helio Gracie net worth 2020
Helio Gracie was born on October 1, 1913 in Belem, Brazil.
He was named Man of the Year by Black Belt magazine in 1997.

7. Fernando Anitelli

Fernando Anitelli net worth 2020
Fernando Anitelli was born on May 20, 1974 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
He released his first solo work, Claves da Gaveta, in 2011. He has over 70,000 followers on his fanitelli Instagram account.

8. Rafaela Silva

Rafaela Silva net worth 2020
Rafaela Silva was born on April 24, 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
She has many gold medals to her name including one from the World Championships, Pan American Championships and Military World Games.

9. Rodolfo Vieira

Rodolfo Vieira net worth 2020
Rodolfo Vieira was born on September 25, 1989 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
He won the World Cup championship six times from 2009 to 2014. He won the 2009 cup as a brown belt in mixed brown belt/black belt competition.

10. Vital Monteiro

Vital Monteiro net worth 2020
Vital Monteiro was born on June 8, 1993 in Brazil.
He is known for having taken part in multiple Tattoo Week events in Sao Paulo. 

11. Sarah Menezes

Sarah Menezes net worth 2020
Sarah Menezes was born on March 26, 1990 in Teresina, Brazil.
In 2012 she became the first Brazilian woman to win an Olympic gold medal in Judo. 

12. Renato Vision

Renato Vision net worth 2020
Renato Vision was born on February 23, 1989 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
His renatovision Instagram account has attracted more than 120,000 followers.

13. Pietro Marinho

Pietro Marinho net worth 2020
Pietro Marinho was born on May 9, 1997 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
He attended Mandallah Festival in 2017.

14. Otavio Martin

Otavio Martin net worth 2020
Otavio Martin was born on September 1, 1997 in Brazil.

15. Michelle Del Santo

Michelle Del Santo net worth 2020
Michelle Del Santo was born on February 1, 1988 in Santos Dumont, Brazil.
She has over 110,000 followers on Instagram. 

16. Mateus Wilsinski

Mateus Wilsinski net worth 2020
Mateus Wilsinski was born on April 21, 1989 in Brazil.

17. Luiza Monteiro

Luiza Monteiro net worth 2020
Luiza Monteiro was born on November 23, 1988 in Salvador, Brazil.

18. Kennedy Maciel

Kennedy Maciel net worth 2020
Kennedy Maciel was born on January 3, 1997 in Brazil.
He won the UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro Champion as a brown belt in 2018. He was promoted to black belt by his father in June 2018. 

19. Kaynan Duarte

Kaynan Duarte net worth 2020
Kaynan Duarte was born on January 24, 1998 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
He became the Rio de Janeiro UAEJJF Grand Slam Champion in 2018. He also finished in second place at the IBJJF Pans No-Gi tournament that same year. 

20. Kamilla Teixeira

Kamilla Teixeira net worth 2020
Kamilla Teixeira was born on November 21, 1988 in Brazil.
She is known for having participated in a makeup workshop in Brazil along with artist Michelly Palma in April of 2019.