Top 20 Architect celebrities in Italy

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Architect celebrities [Updated March 29, 2023].

1. Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano net worth 2020
Renzo Piano was born on September 14, 1937 in Genoa, Italy.
He was listed among Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world in 2006, ranking No. 10 in the Arts and Entertainment category.

Net Worth 2020: $20 Million

2. Richard Rogers

Richard Rogers net worth 2020
Richard Rogers was born on July 23, 1933 in Florence, Italy.
His firm was chosen to design Tower 3 of the new World Trade Center at Ground Zero in New York City.

Salary 2020: $1,046,000

3. Leon Battista Alberti

Leon Battista Alberti net worth 2020
Leon Battista Alberti was born on February 14, 1404 in Genoa, Italy.
He penned De Pictura, a treatise on painting that discussed, for the first time, the science of artistic perspective.

4. Paolo Soleri

Paolo Soleri net worth 2020
Paolo Soleri was born on June 21, 1919 in Italy.
He was concerned with the environment and ecology, creating the concept of arcology.

5. Fabio Novembre

Fabio Novembre net worth 2020
Fabio Novembre was born on October 21, 1966 in Italy.
He has designed for companies such as Cappellini, Driade and cultural institution XXI Triennale.

6. Max Fabiani

Max Fabiani net worth 2020
Max Fabiani was born on April 29, 1865 in Kobdilj, Italy.

7. Gio Ponti

Gio Ponti net worth 2020
Gio Ponti was born on November 18, 1891 in Italy.
He founded Domus magazine in 1928, which he edited until 1941. He then edited Stile magazine until 1947, returning to Domus in 1948.

8. Angelo Mangiarotti

Angelo Mangiarotti net worth 2020
Angelo Mangiarotti was born on February 26, 1929 in Italy.
He designed numerous residential buildings; his industrial designs included a crystal objects series from 1986 until 2006 and the Ergonomica steel collection in 1990; and he also constructed many sculptures.

9. Mario Bellini

Mario Bellini net worth 2020
Mario Bellini was born on February 1, 1935 in Italy.
A designer of furniture as well as buildings, he worked for such companies as B&B Italia, Olivetti, and Cassina.

10. Ignazio Gardella

Ignazio Gardella was born on March 30, 1905 in Italy.
He and Luigi Caccia Dominioni founded the Azucena Agency, a design firm, in 1947.

11. Giuseppe Terragni

Giuseppe Terragni was born on April 18, 1904 in Italy.
He was the designer of the monument, Danteum, which was a tribute to Italian poet Dante Alighieri; it was designed to represent the "Divine Comedy's" divisions of hell.

12. Carlo Scarpa

Carlo Scarpa was born on June 2, 1906 in Italy.
He designed several notable museums, finding inspiration in Venetian history as well as Japanese culture.

13. Aldo Rossi

Aldo Rossi was born on May 3, 1931 in Italy.
For the 1979 Venice Biennale, he created a 250-seat, floating architectural piece known as the Teatro del Mondo. Also a designer and writer, he created a piece called Il Conico (a kettle made of stainless steel) and published an influential 1966 work titled The Architecture of the City.

14. Pietro Belluschi

Pietro Belluschi was born on August 18, 1899 in Italy.
He served as a presidential appointee on the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts from 1950 until 1955.

15. Romaldo Giurgola

Romaldo Giurgola was born on September 2, 1920 in Italy.
He designed the Australian Parliament House and eventually moved to Australia after 30 years in New York.