Top 20 Architect celebrities in India

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Architect celebrities [Updated January 25, 2022].

1. Charles Correa

Charles Correa net worth 2020
Charles Correa was born on September 1, 1930 in India.
His concern for the urban poor and the need for low-cost shelters led him to establish the Urban Design Research Institute in 1984.

2. BV Doshi

BV Doshi net worth 2020
BV Doshi was born on August 26, 1927 in India.
He was a Fellow of both the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts.

3. Basil Spence

Basil Spence was born on August 13, 1907 in India.
He began designing exhibitions in 1938, including three pavilions for Glasgow's 1938 Empire Exhibition. He also specialized in country houses.

4. Abdur Rahman Hye

Abdur Rahman Hye was born on December 17, 1919 in India.
He was assigned to design and build the infrastructure of Pakistan when India earned independence and split into India and Pakistan.

5. Nayyar Ali Dada

Nayyar Ali Dada was born on November 11, 1943 in India.
He designed the Lahore campus of Beaconhouse National University, as well as the Serena Hotel in Islamabad.

6. Sheila Sri Prakash

Sheila Sri Prakash was born on July 6, 1955 in India.
She addressed the need for low-cost housing as an urban planner and obtained two patents for low-cost building products.

7. George R. Mann

George R. Mann was born on July 12, 1856 in India.
He designed many Little Rock landmark buildings, including the Southern Trust Building and the State Bank Building.