Top 20 Architect celebrities in Croatia

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Architect celebrities [Updated June 10, 2023].

1. Viktor Axmann

Viktor Axmann net worth 2020
Viktor Axmann was born on August 29, 1878 in Croatia.
He designed and constructed numerous, secession-style buildings in the city of Osijek.

2. Vjenceslav Richter

Vjenceslav Richter net worth 2020
Vjenceslav Richter was born on April 8, 1917 in Croatia.
He was a founding member of Exat 51, an artistic collective that also included such notables as architect Božidar Rašica and painter Aleksandar Srnec.

3. Slavko Lowy

Slavko Lowy net worth 2020
Slavko Lowy was born on August 7, 1904 in Croatia.
He was unable to work during World War II because of the Nazi threat, and he spent the war years moving from one Zagreb hiding place to another.

4. Vladimir Sterk

Vladimir Sterk was born on January 5, 1891 in Croatia.

5. Juraj Neidhardt

Juraj Neidhardt was born on October 15, 1901 in Croatia.
He worked as the only paid assistant in Le Corbusier's Paris studio during the 1930s.

6. Ignjat Fischer

Ignjat Fischer was born on June 18, 1870 in Croatia.
He designed the Croatian Parliament building in St. Mark's Square, for which he did not receive historical credit until long after his death.

7. Drago Ibler

Drago Ibler was born on August 14, 1894 in Croatia.
His District Labour Insurance Building was one of the first examples of modern architecture in Yugoslavia.

8. Hugo Ehrlich

Hugo Ehrlich was born on January 31, 1879 in Croatia.
He taught architecture at the University of Zagreb.

9. Josip Seissel

Josip Seissel was born on January 10, 1904 in Croatia.
He received the Vladimir Nazor Award for lifetime achievement in 1969.

10. Rudolf Lubinski

Rudolf Lubinski was born on October 31, 1873 in Croatia.
He was a proponent of the art nouveau style of architecture.

11. Stjepan Planic

Stjepan Planic was born on December 27, 1900 in Croatia.

Croatian modernist and functionalist architect who received the Vladimir Nazor Award in 1968. He was a member of the Earth Group with Drago Ibler.

He claimed to be a proponent of low-cost housing; however, he frequently designed luxurious villas.