Andrea Ghez
Andrea Ghez

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Name: Andrea Ghez
Occupation: Astronomer
Gender: Female
Height: 168 cm (5' 7'')
Birth Day: June 16, 1965
Age: 55
Country: United States
Zodiac Sign: Gemini

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Height: 168 cm (5' 7'')
Weight: in kg - N/A
Eye Color: N/A
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Blood Type N/A
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Andrea Ghez

Andrea Ghez was born on June 16, 1965 in United States (55 years old). Andrea Ghez is an Astronomer, zodiac sign: Gemini. Find out Andrea Gheznet worth 2020, salary 2020 detail bellow.

Brief Info

Andrea Ghez is a Nobel prize-winning in Physics (2020)


She received a prestigious MacArthur Fellowship in 2008.

Net Worth

Net Worth 2020

$10.5 Million

Salary 2020

Not known

Andrea Ghez Net Worth Detail

She became the fourth woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, sharing one half of the prize with Reinhard Genzel. She was listed by Discover Magazine as one of the top 20 scientists in the U.S. who had shown a high degree of understanding in their respective fields. Andrea Ghez has made a good amount of money from her profession as an astronomer and professor.

Before Fame

When she was younger she aspired to be the first female astronaut.



  • Andrea Ghez has won many awards in her career. 
  • She won her first award "Annie J. Cannon Award" in Astronomy in 1994.
  • In 1998, she won the Newton Lacy Pierce Prize in Astronomy of the American Astronomical Society. 
  • She also won the Sackler Prize.
  • Ghez was also has been awarded the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 2012.
  • In 2015, she won the Royal Society Bakerian Medal for her work.
  • Her other notable awards are "Gold Shield Faculty Prize", "MacArthur Fellowship", "Crafoord Prize", and "Honorary Doctorate of Science, University of Oxford".
  • Besides on October 6, 2020, she won her biggest award in her career "The Nobel Prize in Physics".
  • She was awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences along with her two colleagues, Genzel and Penrose.
  • Three of them shared the award for their notable discovery of a supermassive black hole in the galactic center of Milky Way.

Biography Timeline


Her family moved from New York to Chicago when she was a child, and Ghez attended the University of Chicago Lab School. The Apollo program Moon landings inspired Ghez to aspire to be the first female astronaut, and her mother encouraged that goal. Her most influential female role model was her high school chemistry teacher. She began college by majoring in mathematics, then changed to physics. She received a BS in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1987 and her Ph.D. under the direction of Gerry Neugebauer at the California Institute of Technology in 1992.


By imaging the Galactic Center at infrared wavelengths, Ghez and her colleagues have been able to peer through heavy dust that blocks visible light, to reveal images of the center of the Milky Way. Thanks to the 10 metres (33 ft) aperture of the W.M. Keck Telescope and the use of adaptive optics to correct for the turbulence of the atmosphere, these images of the Galactic Center are at very high spatial resolution and have made it possible to follow the orbits of stars around the black hole Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*). The partial orbits of many stars orbiting the black hole at the Galactic Center have been observed. One of the stars, S2, has made a complete elliptical orbit since detailed observations began in 1995. Several decades more will be required to completely document the orbits of some of these stars. These measurements may provide a test of the theory of general relativity. In October 2012, a second star, S0-102, was identified by her team at UCLA, orbiting the Galactic Center. Using Kepler's third law, Ghez's team used the orbital motion to show that the mass of Sgr A* is 4.1±0.6 million solar masses. Because the Galactic Center where Sgr A* is located, is one hundred times closer than M31 where the next nearest supermassive black hole M31* is, it is one of the best demonstrated cases for a supermassive black hole.


In 2004, Ghez was elected to the National Academy of Sciences, and in 2019, she was elected as a Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS).


Ghez has appeared in many television documentaries produced by networks such as the BBC, Discovery Channel, and The History Channel. In 2006 she was in an episode of the PBS series Nova. She was identified as a Science Hero by The My Hero Project. In 2000, Discover magazine listed Ghez as one of 20 promising young American scientists in their respective fields.


In 2020, Ghez shared the Nobel Prize in Physics with Roger Penrose and Reinhard Genzel, for their discoveries relating to black holes. Ghez and Genzel were awarded one half of the prize for their discovery that a supermassive black hole most likely governs the orbits of stars at the center of the Milky Way. Ghez was the fourth woman to win the physics Nobel since its inception, being preceded by Marie Curie (1903), Maria Goeppert Mayer (1963), and Donna Strickland (2018).

Family Life

Andrea has two sons with husband Tom LaTourrette.

🎂 Upcoming Birthday

Currently, Andrea Ghez is 57 years, 0 months and 14 days old. Andrea Ghez will celebrate 58th birthday on a Friday 16th of June 2023. Below we countdown to Andrea Ghez upcoming birthday.


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51st birthday - Thursday, June 16, 2016

Physics Today

Happy Birthday Andrea Ghez! The UCLA astronomer was born in New York City in 1965. For more than two decades Ghez has used the Keck telescope in Hawaii to study the bustling center of the Milky Way....

Andrea Ghez 51st birthday timeline

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